About The Practice

Welcome to the Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Center of Maryland where Treatment is DEEP.

The initial comprehensive evaluation reviews the presenting symptoms of the patient, inquires about other symptoms which might suggest alternative diagnoses, seeks information from a parent or significant other, looks for family psychiatric histories, obtains medical and social/developmental history. Neuropsychological testing, when needed, helps to define specific impairments of the patient’s in-attention and impulsivity.

It is important that the patient have a thorough understanding about ADD. With this knowledge, the patient is best able to adapt to the world and increase feelings of self-worth. With this understanding, the patient is able to explain his/her limitations to others. This may encourage cooperative accommodations by family, employers and schools.

Environmental Changes
Teaching practical organization skills is an essential component of treatment. We help patients focus on time management, setting priorities, decision-making and long-term planning. These skills help reduce chaos, improve productivity and enhance self-esteem.

Pharmacotherapy / Psychotherapy
There are a number of medications currently available to improve many symptoms of ADD. Some of the medications are helpful for improving the cognitive symptoms. Other medications may be better at addressing the impulsivity and emotional reactivity. These medications work by correcting a chemical imbalance of neurotransmitters thought to be responsible for ADD symptoms. People respond differently to these medications. As a result, it is often necessary to try several medications in order to decide which one works best for the patient. Individual therapy helps provide ongoing “coaching” to promote organizational skills and address issues of poor self esteem which have evolved over many years. Self-esteem is enhanced by one’s ability to master life’s demands. Involvement of family members is encouraged so that better methods of resolving conflicts are established.

Our Mission

Our center is committed to providing expert psychiatric care that incorporates research-based treatments and up-to-date clinical techniques. Our goals include accurate diagnosis of presenting symptoms and co-existing conditions, patient and family education, successful alleviation of disabling symptoms and active clinical research in this field. We have and continue to participate in clinical research trials (Phase II, III, IV) of investigational medications for adult ADD.

About This Practice

Internationally recognized expertise, Johns Hopkins faculty, helping people and families with ADD/ADHD…We are a private clinical and research center, which focuses exclusively on the diagnosis and treatment of adult and older adolescent Attention Deficit Disorder (patient age 16 years or older) and its co-existing disorders. Founded in 1996, we provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and a broad range of psychotherapeutic and medication treatments tailored to the individual patient’s symptoms and difficulties. Our clinical staff has over 60 combined years of patient care experience.