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The Baltimore Sun: Ask the Expert feature David W. Goodman, M.D. March 16, 2009


Newsweek, February 6, 2008: Baseball’s Other Drug Problem.


USA Today, March 27, 2006: ADHD treatment is getting a workout.


BusinessWeek, October 27, 2003:

In an article on adult ADHD Dr. Goodman is again quoted for his recognized expertise in this area.

The Lexington Herald-Leader, October 11, 2003:

Dr. Goodman’s Op-Ed article on adult ADHD was published in this newspaper.

The Washington Post, October 4, 2003:

Scott Erye, the San Francisco Giant pitcher, has ADHD and was profiled in the article. Dr. Goodman provided background information to the author and was quoted.

The Roanoke Times, October 1, 2003:

Dr. Goodman’s Op-Ed article on adult ADHD was published in this newspaper.

Health Magazine, October 2003:

Dr. Goodman’s remarks on adult ADHD are quoted and he is recognized for his expertise.

The Wall Street Journal, July 31, 2003:

Responding to an editorial on ADHD in the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Goodman had his letter to the editor published. He highlighted the growing and substantial medical research, neurological evidence and benefit of effective treatment, much of which was misrepresented in the original editorial.

The Baltimore Sun, February 23, 2003:

featured an article on adult ADHD and coaching – Dr. Goodman was quoted on the benefits of coaches and organizational techniques.

The Union Leader (New Hampshire), Sunday, August 11, 2002:

Dr. Goodman was quoted in two articles on insurance companies’ denial of stimulant medications for adult patients requiring more than typical pediatric doses.

American Medical News, March 18, 2002:

Dr. Goodman was quoted in an article on ADHD in adults.

USA Today, July 16, 2001:

Dr. Goodman was the featured guest on the USA Today website for an online chat to answer questions that readers might have concerning issues raised in the article.

USA Weekend Magazine, July 15, 2001:

An article on adult ADHD was published in the supplement to Sunday newspapers around the United States. Dr. David W. Goodman helped develop several questions for the readers to distinguish ADHD in adults. This publication has a circulation of 47 million readers.

Glamour, June 2001:

Dr. David W. Goodman has been quoted for an article on Ritalin abuse by non-ADHD people.

The New York Daily News, April 16, 2001:

Dr. Goodman was interviewed and quoted in an article on the controversy of adult ADHD.

Addvance Magazine, November 2000:

Dr. David W. Goodman published an article on psychiatric medications in pregnancy/breast feeding.

Self Magazine, June 2000:

Dr. Goodman was quoted, “Could you get hooked on this pill?”, in an article discussing the growing concern for Ritalin use by those women without ADHD.

U.S. News and World Report, February 21, 2000:

Dr. David W. Goodman, recognized for his expertise in adult ADHD, has been quoted, “Not just kid stuff anymore” pages 48-49. Article reviewed adult presentation of learning disorders and ADHD.