For Someone Else

Getting Help For Someone Who May Be Exhibiting Signs Of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Often times, it is at the observation of those closest to an individual, that symptoms of the disorder are recognized. Family, friends, employers and teachers may notice a person’s inability to organize daily tasks or emotions of frustration, anxiety or depression. The individual may be aware of their behavior with little understanding that it could be attributed to a valid and treatable mental health diagnosis. It is also possible that the person is completely unaware of their impairment; not realizing they are often working harder daily to achieve what someone else achieves with little effort.

Nationally Recognized

Our nationally recognized specialty center focuses on people ages 16 and older who have had chronic symptoms of attention deficit disorder since childhood. We understand that everyone’s journey with ADD/ADHD is unique. As such, our comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and broad range of psychotherapeutic and medication treatments are tailored to each person’s specific symptoms and difficulties. Our approach to diagnosis and treatment relies on evidence-based psychiatric research in order to provide state-of-the-art care. We will provide a customized treatment plan to help your family member, friend, employee or student better cope with the daily challenges of ADD/ADHD.