Media and ADHD: How the story is told

Media and ADHD: How the story is told

ADHD and the media have come a long way. Represented many years ago as “some defect” in boys who needed medication “to be controlled” to the acknowledgement of ADHD as a neuropsychiatric disorder strongly genetic with replicated brain differences on neuroimaging.

Yet there remains a diverse presentation of ADHD in the media. Because of my work with multiple media outlets (TV, magazines, newspaper, online interviews), I have a passion in helping “them get it right” about ADHD and the science of 50+ years of medical research.

I was invited by Children and Adults with ADHD Association (CHADD) to deliver a LIVE webinar on how media represents ADHD and how influential this can be on public opinion. Insights in my presentation will give you “a look behind the curtain” perspective on journalistic intent and the tenor of their story. This will help you sort out the science from the opinion of the journalist.

Because it was a webinar, the video is long. I’d suggest watching it in 20 min segments as the webinar covers several perspectives of story construction and public influence. Research publications are presented to support the basis of my insights.

I am unaware that this topic has been presented as comprehensively as this so the information along with cited research studies will be an eye opener for many ADHD people. It will help you be a more critical and thoughtful reader of ADHD stories and media stories in general.

David W. Goodman, M.D.