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"What can I expect as an adult from my ADHD treatment in the first 6 months?" I have been invited to speak online LIVE for the Children and Adults with ADHD Association Webinar Series "Ask the Expert". I will discuss the benefits of ADHD treatment as they unfold over the first ... Read More


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June 7, 2018RoseMarie AddAdult


National Public Radio recently posted my interview (click on "Heard on Morning Editon") from April 2017 about a research publication reviewing a revised adult ADHD screener developed in coordination with the World Health Organization. What the journalist didn't know at the time that I will share with you is that I ... Read More


Dr. David W. Goodman was video interviewed by Vox.com on misdiagnosis of ADHD as a counterpoint to Dr. Allen Francis, psychiatrist, who believes ADHD is overdiagnosed. The video is excellently edited and very engaging. While it is easy to say ADHD is overdiagnosed because of the extensive media coverage, it ... Read More
April 21, 2017David W. Goodman, MD


National Public Radio  interviewed me this week to comment on a research publication about a revised adult ADHD screener developed in coordination with the World Health Organization. What the journalist didn't know at the time, that I will share with you, is that I was a pre-publication peer reviewer on ... Read More


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March 1, 2017RoseMarie AddAdult


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November 17, 2016RoseMarie AddAdult


Since the recent publication of our literature of published research on ADHD in adults over age 50, several news outlets have been interested in bring this subject to the public eye. ADHD in adults persists throughout one’s life. It does not go away because you got your AARP card or ... Read More
March 12, 2016David W. Goodman, MD


It appears that the topic of ADHD in older adults is catching some attention. I was invited by Ann Fisher of WOSU Radio (NPR affiliate) in Columbia, Ohio to discuss adult ADHD especially in older adults. The host, Ann, asked insightful questions about identification and diagnosis in older adult and how ... Read More
January 27, 2016David W. Goodman, MD


In my previous blog, I wrote, in general, about the increasing obstacles set up by insurance companies to restrict psychiatric medications to patients. Today, I'll tell you a specific example of how a medication dosing thoughtful established for a patient was denied despite both clinical and research evidence to support ... Read More
January 24, 2016David W. Goodman, MD