Valerie L. Goodman

Valerie L. Goodman
Valerie L. Goodman - LCSW-C

Curriculum Vitae Abstract

Valerie L. Goodman, L.C.S.W.-C has been in clinical practice for more than twenty-five years providing psychotherapy to patients all ages with a broad range of psychiatric disorders, life issues and challenges. She has completed two Masters Degrees: a 1972 Master’s in Rehabilitation at West Virginia University and a 1980 Master’s in Social Work at University of Maryland School of Social Work. Upon completion of the second Master’s Degree, she was employed at The Johns Hopkins Hospital on the adult in-patient unit and adult outpatient clinic.

After several years, Mrs. Goodman was invited to take a position on the child/adolescent in-patient unit and outpatient clinic and promoted to supervising social worker for Department of Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. She resigned her position in 1986 to care for her family and then resumed her clinical work at Suburban Psychiatric Associates, LLC as a partner and clinical psychotherapist in 1998. She is a member of several professional organizations such as the National Association of Social Workers, the Maryland Society of Clinical Social Workers, and the Dialectal Behavior Therapy Association.

Currently, Mrs. Goodman specializes in Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ages 16 and older), Mood disorders, and Anxiety disorders. Working with individuals, couples, and families on self-esteem, relationship issues, work or school performance is her specialty areas. Time management, emotional regulation, and organizational issues are challenges for patients with ADHD because of impairing symptoms, lack of skill sets and persistent demoralization. An accurate assessment and diagnosis offers patients and family members a clear explanation for symptoms and daily impairments. No longer is the explanation “I’m just lazy, crazy, or stupid”. Education about ADHD and effective treatment will reduce symptoms and allow for a higher level of daily function. In other words, more gets done in less time. Productivity increases thereby increasing self-confidence.

Mrs. Goodman utilizes a modified cognitive behavioral approach to ADHD challenges that focuses on the symptoms of inattention, trouble with follow through and prioritizing of tasks. Negative self-talk is challenged and replaced with positive, empowering messages and acceptance. Development of new organizing habits enhances feelings of pride and decreases feelings of shame from past failures. Individualized ADD-friendly ways of approaching tasks (breaking them down into small, workable bits) diminishes being overwhelmed. Emotional competence results from identifying triggers for emotional outbursts and using of time outs, deep breathing, and calming tactics to reduce emotional overload. Resilience occurs when skills are used in stressful situations. Learning realistic expectations for oneself at work, home, and socially will also reduce stress. The goal of treatment is to reduce symptoms and impairments, promote optimal daily function, and facilitate the growth of self-confidence in the world around you.