Depression or ADHD in adults? A 2 Part video

Clinician review on ADHD and Depression in adults

Depression or ADHD in adults? A 2 Part video with Dr. David W. Goodman

Distinguishing clinical depression from ADHD in adults may be difficult for patients and clinicians. Adults with ADHD may complain about being depressed because they are about to lose their job, get separated from their spouse, or some other “really bad thing” happening in their lives. This “bad” circumstance may have grown out of their ADHD symptoms and inability to do correctly what was expected of them.

I was invited to present a 2 part video series for psychiatrists located internationally helping to distinguish ADHD and clinical depression. PeerVoice developed this 2 part ADHD activity entitled “Is it More Than Just Depression? Identifying and Managing Comorbid Depression and ADHD“. It can be viewed online.  Each part is approximately 10 minutes with accompanying slides.

This video program has been rolled out to an audience of 7,500 psychiatrists from Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

I invite you to watch the 2 part program. It will provide concise information on making this diagnostic distinction and the effective treatment options to consider.

Thank you for your interest.

David W. Goodman, M.D., LFAPA