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Dr. David W. Goodman has been invited as a panelist to discuss clinical implications of adult ADHD research and the use of medications in complex treatment. APSARD, American Professional Society for ADHD and Related Disorders, is a nationally and internationally represented professional organization devoted to the advancement of ADHD ... Read More
January 1, 2020David W. Goodman, MD


NYU Langone Health conference on Adult ADHD will feature international experts Dr. Len Adler, Dr. Joseph Beiderman, Dr. Francisco X. Castellanos and others. I am honored to be invited as faculty to present the latest science on ADHD in older adults (over the age of 50). My presentation will cover ... Read More
September 21, 2019David W. Goodman, MD


This month Enzymotec, the makers of Vayarin, quietly announced on their website that they would no longer sell its product in the U.S. This leaves patients who have been taking it in a quandary without support. While the company’s announcement cites “a lack of alignment with our business strategy” as an explanation, no one ... Read More
March 26, 2019David W. Goodman, MD


Stimulants for ADHD and risk of psychosis has been a clinical concern but the risk has thought to be quite low. Dr. Goodman's comments about the study can be read here. The recent New England Journal of Medicine study has demonstrated the risk of psychosis with amphetamines is 0.2% and ... Read More
March 22, 2019David W. Goodman, MD


Parenting an ADHD child is challenging. Yet, this challenge is heightened when one or both of the parents have ADHD. While consistent behavioral routines are advocated in ADHD households, untreated ADHD parents will have great difficulty executing consistent oversight of their children. from reviewed a video of a family whose ... Read More


CVS CAREMARK CRITERIA Starting January 1, 2018, these patients may not be able to fill their current medication at the pharmacy, based on the plan's coverage changes. Please visit to review the coverage details of this pharmacy benefit plan.   PA                                    = Prior Authorization                                    There must be a satisfied PA on ... Read More


UnitedHealthCare/Optum were cited by the court to have created internally generated algorithms for mental health care that fell short of acceptable standards for professional psychiatric associations. Your frustration from inadequate coverage now has a reason. Read the following details from the Psychiatric News March 7, 2019. UBH Found to Have Wrongfully ... Read More


"What can I expect as an adult from my ADHD treatment in the first 6 months?" I have been invited to speak online LIVE for the Children and Adults with ADHD Association Webinar Series "Ask the Expert". I will discuss the benefits of ADHD treatment as they unfold over the first ... Read More


On May 1, 2018 I presented the first webinar for ADDitude Magazine on ADHD in adults over the age 50. The presentation with audio and slides is available to be hear for free. This is a rare discussion of prevalence, diagnosis, impairments, and treatment of older adults. Complaints of cognitive ... Read More


Technology is not always a cooperative servant. My ADDitude Magazine webinar scheduled on Febuary 27, 2018 was interrupted by a technical problem after 10 minutes. No one was more upset about this than I. However, good news. the webinar has been rescheduled for May 1 Tuesday 1pm for 1 hour. ... Read More