Find your Adult ADHD Expert with Confidence

Find your Adult ADHD Expert with Confidence

As an internationally recognized expert in this field, I would like people to review my credentials and understand how my expert reputation has developed over 30+ years of patient care, research, peer reviewed publications, national and international speaker, peer-publication reviewer, author, faculty and teacher for psychiatric residents at Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland, expert podcaster, and national media consultant on adult ADHD.

Contact us and see what we can offer you. For COVID-19 safety, we are now offering virtual online new patient comprehensive evaluations in the safety of your home.

With the increasing recognition of ADHD (ADD) in adults, people are looking for competent comprehensive evaluations to see if ADHD may be an explanation for their daily struggles and challenges. Public awareness has increased over the years as national newspapers/magazines and TV media feature stories on life-long symptoms and impairments.

While people want to get evaluations, they may not know how to determine which professional to see for an accurate diagnostic conclusion. With a broad range of professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, licensed counselors, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, psychiatric nurses) claiming experience and expertise in ADHD, how to you determine what’s best for you.

Beyond the credentials, you want a physician who will listen to the specific nature of your experiences, understand the distress it causes every day, and offer specific treatment options that will improve daily function leading to a more satisfying and rewarding life. I will bring my diverse knowledge base, patient experience, and resources to offer expertise at the top of the field. With all that, I hope that you and your family will feel confident that you are getting the help and treatment you and your family deserve.

Thank you for doing your research for your best care.

David W. Goodman, M.D., LFAPA