Virtual Online New Patient Evaluations for ADHD in adults

online ADHD evaluations for adults

Virtual Online New Patient Evaluations for ADHD in adults

In the age of COVID-19, we recognize the need for people to obtain mental health evaluations in the safety of their homes. Therefore, our practice is offering virtual online new patient comprehensive evaluations as if we were sitting together in my office. We currently use Zoom to see each other in person and conduct the evaluation. As with office evaluations, I will provide diagnostic impressions and review treatment options including medication, if indicated.

With electronic prescriptions, I am able to discussion medications options and, if decided, start medication by transmitting it to your designated pharmacy.

During the COVID-19 stay at home period, we can schedule follow up appointments through Zoom and assess response to treatment, as if we were in my office.

The current strain with “everyone in the house” may highlight an individual’s inattention, disorganization, and forgetfulness leading to frustration of others in the house.

Single evaluation consultation is also available. I can then provide a written report to be shared with your treating healthcare provider/therapist.